OREANDA-NEWS. In the Irkutsk region, the vital activity of social facilities has been largely restored. Citizens are paid pensions, and the provision of drinking water according to the permanent scheme is planned to be organized in the near future. Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko reported to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the progress of the flood remediation. 

According to the statesman, on June 25, 2,048 people were evacuated during rescue operations in the Irkutsk Region, among them were 447 children. There were also 17 temporary accommodation points deployed, where 1 231 people were evacuated. 

Currently, in order to prevent emergencies, about 40 settlements had been de-energized, with a total population of 22,000. Also in the region are undergoing restoration work. So, they put in order the water supply, heat supply, power supply, telephone and postal communications. According to the vice-premier the vital activity of all social facilities, post offices has been normalized, and pensions are also paid.