OREANDA-NEWS. Military Watch magazine reported that the authorities of Myanmar are interested in buying Russian fifth-generation fighters Sukhoi Su-57.

According to the publication, the air force modernization program of the Southeast Asian country involves the purchase of heavy fighters. In 2018, Myanmar purchased six Su-30 multipurpose fighters from Russia and now plans to order several more. At the same time, their power may be not enough to counter the opponent in the air. According to Military Watch, the Su-57 even in smaller numbers can significantly strengthen the country’s defense.

Among the advantages of a fighter the magazine notes its ability to hit sea targets at a long distance. In addition, the fighter can be equipped with a long-range air-to-air guided missile Vympel R-37, the article says.

It is assumed that the Su-30 will be an addition to the Su-57, the purchase of which will require significant funds. The planes of the 30th modification, as the experts note, can also be used to train pilots before they master a fifth-generation fighter.

According to the magazine’s assumptions, Myanmar’s orders will not be as large as those of India, Turkey and Vietnam, but Naypyidaw’s interest in the newest Russian fighter jets can last for a long time, and the state can make the first order until the middle of 2020.

In early September, Ko Ko Shein, Myanmar’s Ambassador to Russia, told Russian journalists of RIA Novosti agency that the state authorities were considering buying the Su-57. “We would like to buy not only Su-30 fighters, but also next-generation aircraft, of course, if Russia wants to sell them,” Shein said.