OREANDA-NEWS The Aviasales service surveyed 34,000 users and found out that foreign tourists are primarily advised to visit St. Petersburg in Russia.

According to RIA Novosti, 56% of respondents voted for Petersburg. According to the service, in the northern capital most often comes from Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova, Germany and Italy.

32% of respondents voted for the capital of Russia. Residents of Kazakhstan, Belarus, Germany, Armenia, Israel, the Czech Republic and China come to Moscow more often than others.

7% of Russians surveyed are advised to visit Kazan. At the same time, tourists from the Czech Republic, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Great Britain and Belarus most often come to the capital of Tatarstan.

5% of respondents voted for Sochi. Tourists from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Israel, Georgia, Germany and Turkey most often come here.