OREANDA-NEWS. Opposition leader Alexey Navalny, who is serving a sentence in the Pokrovskaya colony of the Vladimir region, refused to participate via video link in the court, which is considering the refusal of the investigator to open a criminal case on the situation with his alleged poisoning. Navalny received a statement, that a representative will take part in the meeting, RIA Novosti reports, citing judge Andrey Tolkachenko.

The interests of Navalny in the process are represented by a lawyer of the «Anti-Corruption Fund» (listed in the Russian Federation in the register of NGO's as performing the functions of a foreign agent) Vyacheslav Gimadi. He complains about the «inaction of the investigator» related to the consideration of his application after Navalny's hospitalization.

Gimadi asked to open a criminal case on poisoning and submitted a corresponding application to the main military investigation Department of the IC of the Russian Federation. However, the military investigator considered that «there is no specific information about the circumstances, that indicate signs of a crime in the actions of the FSB officers», so there are no grounds for a procedural check. The inaction of the investigator who made such a decision, the Gimadi will appeal to the court.