OREANDA-NEWS. Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who is now behind the bars, complained of poor health. According to the politician, he suffers from terrible back pain and with great difficulty gets out of bed. Navalny wrote about this on his Instagram page on Friday, March 26.

The opposition leader claims, that the health problems began a long time ago, but he did not talk about them, as he thought, that he would be cured. According to Navalny, now the prison staff only record his complaints, but do nothing in terms of treatment. The politician suggested, that he had a pinched nerve due to frequent sitting in a «crooked form».

«A week ago, the prison doctor looked at me and began to give me two «Ibuprofen» tablets, but I still do not know the diagnosis. Exactly as it is described by those who have problems with the back, the complication went in step, and whole areas of it lost sensitivity. If you lean on your right foot, you'll just fall. It's a little frustrating – I've been getting used to my right foot lately. I don't want to part with it», wrote Navalny.