OREANDA-NEWS. In Moscow, new algorithms have been launched to monitor the condition and treatment of pregnant women with coronavirus infection. As the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Social Development Anastasia Rakova told reporters on Monday, the detection of COVID-19 causes severe stress in expectant mothers.

Many of them do not require hospitalization, however, even with a mild course of the disease, it is necessary to constantly monitor the dynamics of the condition and conduct routine examinations necessary for the duration of pregnancy.

Rakova noted that pregnant women are often frightened by the need for examination in coronavirus hospitals. To ensure a high level of comfort and safety for expectant mothers, leading Moscow obstetricians and gynecologists have developed new algorithms.

Now, on the basis of two leading clinics with extensive experience in the treatment of coronavirus infection, new departments of short-term hospitals are operating, which will only accept pregnant women. Contact with patients from other departments will be excluded.

The Deputy Mayor noted that a large list of examinations will make it possible to identify possible risks and complications at an early stage, as well as conduct planned examinations, including screening ultrasound.

In addition, an obstetric department was created on the basis of a telemedicine center, which has proven itself in the management of patients with COVID-19. Its specialists will monitor the condition of the patients, and, if necessary, organize an in-person visit to the hospital.