OREANDA-NEWS For animals living in zoos, the norms of minimum and maximum living space are defined. They are provided by the new GOST, which will come into force next year.

The document recommends not allowing aggressive visitors to the zoo, and providing animals with a shelter where they can hide from prying eyes. In the rules for visiting many zoos there is no such standard.

Other rules of behavior are basically similar to those currently in zoos: it is forbidden to feed and tease pets, climb over fences, put and put children on barriers and fences, make noise, bring animals and drink alcohol or be drunk.

According to experts surveyed by Izvestia, about half of domestic zoos do not meet the new requirements. The experts were also outraged by the indicators of the maximum area of ​​the open-air cage - in European zoos the predator habitat area is sometimes ten times higher than that provided for in the Russian document.