OREANDA-NEWS. Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg has been fined 20.000 kronor (about 1.980 euros) for violating measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus. At the end of February, the head of the Norwegian government gathered relatives in the ski resort of Geilo on the occasion of her anniversary. Events in the restaurant and rented accommodation were attended by about 14 people, but the current rules allowed no more than 10 participants to attend such meetings. Sulberg has apologized and intends to pay the fine.

Earlier it was reported that the Norwegian Government intends to lift restrictions on the coronavirus in four stages with a break of at least three weeks. However, the authorities did not provide fixed dates for easing the restrictive measures. This was announced on April 8 during a press conference by Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg, according to the Swedish news agency «SVT Nyheter».

Instead of a clear timetable, the Government presented a set of criteria for moving from one phase of easing to another. The main parameters are the burden on the health system and the number of vaccinated people. The latest restrictions are expected to be lifted by the end of June.

Erna Solberg has led the Conservative Party of Norway since 2004. She became Prime Minister on 16 October 2013.