OREANDA-NEWS. A report on the optimization of the country's diplomatic missions abroad will be presented to President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko in a few days, Foreign Minister of the Republic Vladimir Makei said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

"You know, we are working on the optimization of our missions abroad, and I will be frank, we have made a decision to reduce the number of our missions abroad in some European countries by sending these employees to work in the countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America. This process is underway now, literally in a few days we will report on the results of our work to the President of Belarus, ”the head of the department said.

As for the level of the diplomatic presence of Western ambassadors in Belarus and Belarusian ambassadors in the West, according to Makei, "there is a certain problem here, because representatives of some countries do not intend to hand over their credentials or go through the procedure of full presentation of credentials."

"For us, for Belarus, this is naturally unacceptable. Therefore, we had to send the French representative back, withdrawing our consent to his appointment as ambassador," Makei said.