OREANDA-NEWS The builders completed the laying of rails on the railway part of the Crimean bridge, told reporters on Thursday at the information center of the bridge.

It is clarified that workers using electrocontact welding connect 25-meter links laid on the bridge in the rod - sections of the path 440 m long. Welded seams are polished, of which there are more than 3 thousand pieces along the entire length of the track.

On the bridge, ballasting of rubble and alignment of each track is to be carried out, railway automation installed — alarm, centralizing and blocking devices; mechanical cleaning and grinding of rails. The installation of noise protection screens on the railway sections adjacent to the coast continues: 700 m from the side of Taman and 1.3 km from the side of Kerch. Buildings are being built to operate the railway section of the bridge.

According to the data center, a total of almost 5 thousand engineers and workers work at the facility in two shifts.