OREANDA-NEWS. In the nature reserve "Pasvik" started only in the North-West region of Russia, a mobile laboratory, which in August have expedition within the framework of two international projects on the study of the biosphere of the Arctic. In July avtolaboratoriya, which was purchased with the support of "Norilsk Nickel" has already been carried out seasonal work on the territory of the reserve.

The model is adapted to work in conditions of Arctic nature, which enables scientists to use the machine on any terrain. The car overcomes almost any obstacle such as rivers, roads, rocky tundra. It is equipped with a GPS-Navigator, modern traps, allowing you to take photos or video at a given frequency, as well as instruments to study the status of air, soil, water.

The laboratory in July will be conducted seasonal monitoring of ecological environment in the Park, which includes sampling of soil and water, the study of the state of the air survey of the brown bear population and the shooting of a film about animals. Reserve staff are exploring the endangered species of animals and birds, and in early September will hold records of autumn migration of birds. According to employees, the ECOCAR will greatly facilitate their work and help in assessing the status of flora and fauna.