OREANDA-NEWS. On the eve of Cosmonautics Day, 5.000 representatives of the economically active population of Russia from all districts of the country took part in the survey of the «SuperJob» website.

There is 31% of Russians, who would like to go into space, and 57% would not. In their desire to try on a space suit, men admit more often than women (38% vs. 24%). Respondents with a higher income are more likely to dream of stars. Among Russians with an income of less than $392 there is 25% would like to fly into space. Among respondents with an income of one thousand dollars – already 36%. The desire to see the Earth with their own eyes from orbit also depends on the age of the respondents: 35% among Russians under 34 years old and 22% among Russians over 45 years old.

Programmers and engineers (46% each), analysts (45%), purchasing managers (44%), skilled workers (38%) and system administrators (37%) are the most likely to dream of flying into space, while nurses (14%), lawyers and HR managers (23% each), call center operators, logistics managers and drivers (24% each) are the least likely to dream of flying into space.