OREANDA-NEWS. Plans to relocate a squadron of fighter jets F-16 of the US Air Force from Germany to Italy were developed as part of Washington’s course of containing Russia. This was reported by the chief of the Strategy, Plans, and Policy, J-5, on the Joint Staff of the US Army, General David Allwin.

Along with acting US Under Secretary of Defense for Policy James Anderson, he spoke at a hearing before the US House of Representatives Committee on Armed Services. It considered the plans for the redeployment of American troops in Europe, announced earlier by the Department of Defense and the White House.

The idea is to expand the attack area, Allwin explained, commenting on the intentions to transfer the F-16 to the Aviano Air Base in Italy from Germany. In his view, the idea that Russia tends to act only in the Baltic region is wrong. The General noted that Russian military may have intentions of influence throughout the periphery. In his opinion, the southeast of Europe, the Black Sea are becoming as important as the Baltic.