OREANDA-NEWSThe Moldavian court issued a warrant for the arrest of the athlete Konstantin Tsutsu, who is one of the closest associates of the former leader of the Democratic Party who fled abroad, oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc. This was reported to the correspondent of the Russian media by the press secretary of the Anti-corruption Prosecutor's Office, Katalina Bogonos. "He was arrested for 30 days in the case of benefiting from influence", she said.

Since Tsutsu left the country after the change of power, the court decision allows him to be put on the international wanted list. He was known as the winner of a number of kickboxing and mixed martial arts competitions held in Moldova, was elected as a deputy from the Democratic Party and was considered one of those close to Plahotniuc.

In June, the Moldovan Parliament formed the new majority of the factions supporting the President Igor Dodon of the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova and the pro-European Acum bloc, which removed the Democratic Party from power. However, supporters of the democrats, among whom was Tsutsu, blocked the entrances to the government and other state institutions, which provoked dual power. The crisis was resolved when Russia, the EU, the USA and a number of other countries supported the new government, after which the democrats joined the opposition, and Plahotniuc fled abroad, where he resigned from the post of party leader and resigned from parliament.

Plahotniuc was arrested in absentia in Moscow on charges of a number of crimes. He is considered involved in the so-called Moldovan scheme, according to which more than 37 billion rubles were withdrawn from Russia. The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs also charged the oligarch and his close associate Tsutsu with organizing a transnational criminal community, which established a channel for smuggling especially large quantities of hashish from North Africa. The investigation believes that Plahotniuc is one of the leaders of the criminal transnational drug syndicate, which was controlled by Tsutsu.