OREANDA-NEWS. American senators have begun drafting legislation to regulate the sale of advanced weapons, including fifth-generation fighters F-35 Lightning, to various countries.

According to the portal Breaking Defense, Democratic parliamentarians insist on the inclusion in the law of a clause prohibiting the sale of fighters to states that have purchased foreign weapons that pose a potential threat to F-35, for example, the Russian anti-aircraft missile systems S-400.

In addition, member of the House of Representatives Eliot Engel proposed to introduce special conditions for the sale of weapons to the countries of the Middle East. In his opinion, if they want to purchase F-35, they will have to inform Washington of plans to use fighters.

On October 16, Turkey for the first time tested S-400 purchased from Russia in exercises. Three missiles were launched, all successfully hit targets. This raised concerns in the United States. Washington has repeatedly criticized Ankara and threatened it with sanctions for acquiring Russian complexes.