OREANDA-NEWS.  President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko was presented with a new revised draft of the Constitution of the republic. He himself stated this at a meeting with the working group on finalizing the draft document.

"The Constitutional Commission has carried out some work, proposed its own options, and now a working group of specialists created by the order of the President is working on polishing this constitution. And, if we speak in the vernacular, prescribes this constitution in legal language. I received the latest version, the prescribed version of the constitution, taking into account our previous agreements in the working group, I got acquainted. Today we will try to talk about topics that are acute and important for our country," Mr. Lukashenko said.

According to Mr. Lukashenko, the working group had to work out fundamental issues related to the preparation of constitutional amendments. The main ones are the consolidation of the role of the All-Belarusian People's Assembly, the redistribution of powers between state authorities, the preservation of the balance of the state apparatus, and others. "We have approached this issue seriously and have developed a draft constitution, which we will now discuss and work on. I think we will need another meeting of the working group, and then, as promised, we will submit the option to the constitutional commission," the President of Belarus said.

In July, the Constitutional commission of Belarus submitted a draft constitution to the president, but Alexander Lukashenko returned it to the members of the commission. He explained that the document needs to be "brought into line", but did not specify what did not suit him. In August, the constitutional commission proposed removing the country's neutrality clause.