OREANDA-NEWS. As Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov noted that Western countries would invent reasons for no reason to accuse Russia of interference. Such reasons, according to the politician, will be many more.

The diplomat noted that instead of this practice, it is worth getting involved in a dialogue at international platforms to find reliable mutually acceptable solutions. The unilateral steps that are currently being observed will not lead to the desired results.

The minister noted that any agreement that has a universal character, no matter how long it takes to reach it, will always be stable, consistent and realizable.

The flip side of this process is the action "in a narrow circle of countries that think the same way with you." Pleasant steps under such conditions "will not achieve results, but will lead to confrontation." The minister stressed that the West does not want to make "mutual concessions and work in common interests."

He explained that a kind of partnership of like-minded people is being formed either on cyber security or on the inadmissibility of the use of chemical weapons, although there are universal approaches to all these topics within the UN system. The minister also stressed that Western states "do not like fair competition anywhere and in anything." Lavrov believes that in this regard, Russia is ready for any turns and events.