OREANDA-NEWS. In Minsk, for the second day in a row, activists are forming “chains of solidarity”: women with flowers line up in the streets of the city. Medical workers of one of the city hospitals also formed a human chain. The actions are held in support of arrested people.

A day before, a rally in support of those who suffered from violence during the protests took place in the Belarusian capital. As the participants explained, they were calling for a peaceful protest holding a silent action. About 250 women took part in the demonstration.

The rallies are taking place against the backdrop of protests that have been continuing in Belarus since August 9. The reason was the presidential election, which was won by the incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko with more than 80 % of votes. The opposition did not recognize the election results, and mass protest demonstrations began. The authorities are violently suppressing actions. Thousands of protesters were detained.