OREANDA-NEWS. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan during his address to the nation said that on December 19, the country will announce a three-day nationwide mourning for those killed in Nagorno-Karabakh. He also informed that the parties to the conflict are close to the beginning of the process of exchange of prisoners of war.

“December 19 marks 40 days since the end of hostilities. In this regard, on December 19, three-day mourning will be announced for the victims,” Pashinyan said.

According to the politician, the return of the officially confirmed group of prisoners is expected soon. He specified that the matter concerns the prisoners whose identities have been confirmed by the International Committee of the Red Cross and Azerbaijan.

The conflict in Karabakh escalated in late September. On November 9, the presidents of Azerbaijan and Russia and the Prime Minister of Armenia signed a ceasefire document.