OREANDA-NEWS.   Vladimir Putin observed via video linkup the start of operations to unload the first supplies of oil extracted from the Arctic continental shelf in the Pechora Sea from the stationary ice-resistant offshore oil platform Prirazlomnaya to the tanker Mikhail Ushakov.

During the video linkup, Mr Putin spoke with Chairman of the Gazprom Management Board Alexei Miller, who was on the offshore platform. Mr Miller briefed the President on the project and its main stages.

The Prirazlomnoye oil field is located on the Pechora Sea continental shelf, 60 km offshore. The field has oil reserves of 72 million tonnes, which makes for annual production of up to 6.6 million tonnes.

The Prirazlomnaya offshore platform was designed for use in extreme natural and climate conditions and has maximum ice resistance. The platform can carry out the full range of technical operations: drilling, extraction, storage, preparation and unloading of oil, and measures up to global environmental standards.

* * *

Beginning of video linkup with Prirazlomnaya platform


I want to congratulate you and all of your colleagues on this big event: the first supplies of oil extracted from the Arctic continental shelf are being unloaded today from the Prirazlomnaya platform.

This effectively marks the start of our country’s ambitious plans for developing production of Arctic mineral and oil resources. But what makes me especially happy is that these plans are not about production alone. This and similar projects are already having a big and positive impact on developing our machine-building and shipbuilding industries and this will continue. Two large tankers designed for Arctic conditions will service this platform practically year-round. This is a sign of the continued positive development we can expect to see in our shipbuilding industry.    

This means that the overall project will provide an exceptionally positive boost to Russia’s continued expansion on global energy markets, as well as strengthening our economy in general and our energy sector. 

I congratulate you, all of our partners and everyone who has contributed to the results we see today and have made considerable strides in developing the Arctic shelf. I congratulate all of you and wish you success.