OREANDA-NEWS. Vladimir Putin met with President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev to discuss joint projects and ways of deepening cooperation within the integration process.

PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA VLADIMIR PUTIN: Mr Atambayev, allow me to welcome you once again to Moscow.

We are developing our relations not only within the CSTO, which is an important component of our cooperation that places a special emphasis on trust in our relations, but also our trade and economic ties.

I am happy to note that Russia has retained its leading position in Kyrgyzstan’s trade turnover, accounting for 28 percent. This is a good figure, and trade between our countries continues to grow. We have great joint projects.

We are also considering ways of deepening our cooperation within the integration process, specifically within the Customs Union.

I believe we will touch upon all these issues today. In fact, there is much more for us to consider than I have just mentioned. I know you have an extensive agenda for today.

In any case, we are happy to see you here on the eve of Victory Day. Allow me to congratulate you once again on the coming holiday.

PRESIDENT OF KYRGYZSTAN ALMAZBEK ATAMBAYEV: Thank you, Mr President. Thank you for your hospitality and congratulations to you and to all Russians on the holiday.

This is a sacred day for all of us. Our parents fought in the war, and we must make sure this day will always remain sacred, so that people know the truth, because there are always attempts to rewrite history.

I would like to say once again that after the breakup of the Soviet Union, many independent states appeared, and we should be proud of our independence. However, at the same time we would like the borders that separate us, borders that came up between the new states within the CIS, to be borders of friendship. Rather than divide, they should unite us, because our fathers fought together to achieve that Victory, they stopped Nazism together, and it is very important to remember this.

I am very happy that our common endeavours have been making progress in the past years. We have planned ambitious projects, and I am certain they will be successful. We will discuss their implementation today.

Russia is our strategic ally, and I believe we will always remain on the same side of the frontline. I would like to congratulate you on the holiday once again and I am happy to have this opportunity to discuss our common issues.