OREANDA-NEWS. The consulting company SKDKnickerbocker, participating in the US presidential election campaign of Democrat Joe Biden, has become a target for attacks by hackers allegedly connected with Russia. SKDKnickerbocker was notified of this by Microsoft specialists, as Reuters writes with reference to sources.

SKDKnickerbocker often works with politicians from the US Democratic Party to provide communications support. In addition to Biden running for president, the company also works with other prominent representatives of the party.

Microsoft sent a notice to SKDKnickerbocker that hacker attacks on the company have been registered over the past two months. An interlocutor of Reuters, familiar with the actions of SKDKnickerbocker, said that the company’s networks were not hacked. Hacker attacks included phishing, attempts to trick users into revealing passwords, as well as other attempts to break into the SKDK network. However, Reuters interlocutors note that it is not known for certain whether the hacking attempts were related to the Biden campaign or other SKDK clients.