OREANDA-NEWSAustrian Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen dismissed the country's government, led by Sebastian Kurz. The President instructed Finance Minister Hartwig Leger to serve as Chancellor until the appointment of an interim head of government, who will remain at the helm until early parliamentary elections in September.

All other members of the government will continue to perform duties until the appointment of a temporary Cabinet. The president expects to appoint a temporary chancellor within a week. Sebastian Kurtz, who became the youngest chancellor in the history of the republic in 2017, has now become the most “short-term” head of the Austrian government. He held out on this post for only 525 days. At the same time, as Alexander Dubovi, Scientific Coordinator of the Center for Eurasian Studies at the University of Vienna, told RIA Novosti, Kurtz is likely to return to the post of Chancellor in the fall - the Austrian People’s Party headed by him is very likely to win the early elections in September.

On the eve of the parliament passed a vote of no confidence in the government. This question was raised by the opposition against the backdrop of the government crisis in the country, which resulted in the publication of a scandalous video with the participation of the former vice-chancellor and leader of the Austrian Freedom Party Heinz-Christian Strache. Strache resigned, Kurtz refused to continue to work in the government coalition with the party and called early parliamentary elections. Kurtz appointed representatives of his party and experts to the posts of departed ministers from the government, which displeased the opposition.

"Kurtz’s figure is symbolic in a certain sense, and many would like him not to be Austrian Chancellor. In a situation where a large coalition collapsed and it’s not clear how to put it together, it is possible that the more compromised figure of Finance Minister Hartwig Leger will be more effective in creating a new coalition ", - said the Russian expert.