OREANDA-NEWS. The Chinese leadership has approved a plan for a radical reform of the electoral system of the former British colony, which now has the status of a special administrative region of China. Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday, March 30, ordered the publication of a plan, that will allow Beijing to gain control over the selection of candidates for parliamentary elections in the region and to exclude certain candidates from participating in the elections.

The amendments to Hong Kong's electoral law were unanimously approved by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC). Delegates to the NPC congress initiated a reform of Hong Kong's electoral system in mid-March, so that Hong Kong would henceforth be governed only by “patriots”. Among other things, Beijing has received the right of veto to exclude unwanted candidates from participating in the elections in Hong Kong.

According to the reform, the number of seats in the Hong Kong Parliament will increase from 70 to 90. Only 20 deputies will be elected by direct vote, 40 deputies will be appointed by a committee loyal to Beijing, and the remaining 30 will be elected from representatives of certain industries, that are traditionally also loyal to the Chinese leadership.

The political views of future candidates for the Hong Kong Parliament will be tested. The committee, that will deal with this audit will be formed from representatives of the Hong Kong administration. The new national security apparatus will also be involved in the procedure for admitting candidates to the elections.