OREANDA-NEWS. Maria Kalesnikava, a member of the Presidium of the Coordination Council for Power Transfer, previously created by the Belarusian opposition, announced the establishment of a new political party Together.

“Today, members of Viktar Babaryka’s headquarters and I, Maria Kalesnikava, announce the creation of the political party Together. […] Registration documents will be submitted in the near future. We will unite and will be even stronger,” she said. “Today we are forming a new, conscientious and responsible Belarusian society. We face new challenges and requests, and we need to respond to them. The country is in a political and socio-economic crisis, and together we know how to get out of this crisis. Hundreds and thousands Belarusians, talented professionals, are ready to take responsibility and build new Belarus together,” the politician added.

An unregistered presidential candidate Babaryka called the implementation of constitutional reform a main task of the new party. He explained the importance of such a reform by the need to restore the proper system of governing the country by separating powers and introducing a limitation on the number of presidential terms.