OREANDA-NEWS. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the country will close the border with Lithuania and Poland, and strengthen the border with Ukraine.

“We are forced to withdraw the troops from the streets, put half of the army under arms and close the state border from the west, the border with Lithuania and Poland. We are forced to strengthen the state border, to our greatest regret, with our fraternal Ukraine,” Lukashenko said, speaking at the women’s forum For Belarus.

The Belarusian President addressed the people of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine with the following words: “Stop your crazy politicians, do not let the war break out.” According to the politician, nowadays “the situation is very difficult,” and a war should not be allowed. “I don’t want our country to be at war. Moreover, I do not want Belarus, Poland and Lithuania to turn into a theater of hostilities, where the problems which are not ours will be resolved,” Lukashenko explained.