OREANDA-NEWS. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko claimed that among the striking workers at the factories of the republic there is a main body of people receiving foreign funding. There are only a few employees who really do not want to work, the politician explained.

“We don't need to persuade anyone… If the workers don’t want to work, they don’t. But there are only a few of them who do not want to. Free the rest of the workers who want to work from this paid one. We know that these 10–12 people, the main body… were paid, they are still paid from Poland and Lithuania. You know, money is flowing through open and closed channels, we cannot trace everything,” the Belarusian President said at a meeting on the preparation of the sixth All Belarusian People’s Assembly.

Before that, Lukashenko said that students who take part in unauthorized protests should be expelled from universities. He called on parents of schoolchildren and students to keep them from participating in protest actions.