OREANDA-NEWSThe EU is ready to give the main negotiator for Britain’s exit from the EU (Brexit) Michel Barnier a mandate for the second stage of negotiations on a future trade agreement, which all countries in the community should speak with one voice. This was announced by Belgian Prime Minister Sophie Vilmes on Friday upon arrival at the second working meeting of the EU summit.

"We saw the results of the will of the British voters. Their will must be fulfilled. The EU is ready to give the mandate for the second stage of negotiations with London to our main negotiator Michel Barnier. The most important thing is that the EU countries speak with London in these talks”, she said. The second phase of the Brexit negotiations between Brussels and London should begin after the British Parliament ratifies the agreement to withdraw from the European Union.

According to the results of the elections on Thursday, conservatives led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson confidently lead. According to preliminary data, they will receive 363 seats in the 650-seat House of Commons of the British Parliament.