OREANDA-NEWS. Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi can't lead an active lifestyle and participate in court sessions due to a cardiac arrhythmia. This was stated by the lawyer of the politician Federico Cecconi, whose words are quoted by the ANSA news agency.

The lawyer submitted a petition to the court for the absence of Berlusconi for valid reasons at the trial on charges of corruption and bribery of witnesses in the case of using the services of underage prostitutes. Cecconi noted that the politician's condition improved in the summer, but recently he has developed recurring episodes of atrial fibrillation, and this threatens to worsen his health. In this regard, the 84-year-old Berlusconi needs a rest.

Now the judges must decide on the satisfaction of the facts presented. In this case, the process, which has been repeatedly postponed due to Berlusconi's health condition, will be postponed again.

Recently, the Italian politician has been experiencing health problems more and more often. Since the beginning of 2021, he has been admitted to the hospital several times. At the same time, Berlusconi is still actively involved in the political life of the country, being the leader of the right-wing party «Forward, Italy».