OREANDA-NEWS. US presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, former Vice President Joe Biden assessed the place of incumbent head of state Donald Trump in the country’s history.

During the campaign debate, Trump said that in 47 months as the head of the White House he has done more than Biden in the 47 years that he was in the public service. “You’re the worst president America’s ever had,” his opponent replied.

Besides, Biden called his rival “Putin’s puppy”. According to the politician, Trump cannot even tell Russian President Vladimir Putin anything about the bounties for the heads of American soldiers, meaning information from the media that Russia had entered into an agreement with militants in Afghanistan and offered them money for the murder of US Army soldiers.

“Under this president [Trump. – Ed.] we’ve become weaker, sicker poor, more divided and more violent,” the Democratic candidate resumed.

Presidential elections will take place in the United States on November 3. Until that time, the candidates will meet at debates twice.