OREANDA-NEWS. Candidate for the presidency in the United States from the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, announced that he had selected senator from the state of California, Kamala Harris, as a candidate for US Vice President.

He recalled that, serving as California Attorney General, Harris worked closely with his late son Beau Biden, who was Attorney General of Delaware State. The politician also named Harris a person who is able to help him to win Donald Trump in the presidential race.

Trump expressed surprise that Democrats have chosen Harris as the vice presidential candidate. The current US President noted at a press conference that she was very weak in the Democratic primaries, gaining about 2 %. The American leader added that Harris was disrespectful to Biden. “It's hard to pick someone that disrespectful – she said things during the debates, the Democratic primary debates that were horrible about Sleepy Joe,” Trump said. Speaking about Harris’s views, Trump indicated that she is in favour of raising taxes, social medicine and reducing the army.