OREANDA-NEWS. The Democratic candidate Joe Biden is in the lead in the presidential election in the United States, with six electoral votes left to win, which the state of Nevada can provide.

The counting of votes in Nevada has not yet been completed. As local authorities said, the update of the results will resume at 09:00 local time (18:00 UTC). So far, 86 % of the ballots have been processed there, and Biden is slightly ahead of Trump: 49.3 versus 48.7 %.

In addition, there no final results in Pennsylvania (20 electors remained), Georgia (16 electors) and North Carolina (15 electors). Trump is leading in these states with a slight advantage. More significant is his lead over his rival in Alaska, but there are only 3 electoral votes.

The presidential election in the United States is held according to a two-stage scheme. Voters in the states vote first, and the winner receives the votes of all electors from this or that state. In total, there are 538 electors (the same is the number of members of the Congress). It is necessary to get 270 votes for the victory.