OREANDA-NEWS. Democratic candidate Joe Biden, declared the winner of the presidential election by leading American media, plans to hold a shortened inauguration ceremony.

This was announced by the candidate’s assistant Ron Klain, whom Biden intends to appoint as the head of the White House administration, Reuters reports. According to Klain, Biden’s inauguration, which is scheduled for January 20, will use an abridged version of existing traditions.

Traditionally, the inauguration ceremony of the President of the United States is held in front of the Capitol in Washington. During it, the elected head of state takes the oath and delivers a speech. The ceremony attracts a large number of spectators to Washington, but during the coronavirus pandemic, this cannot be allowed, Klain noted.

The US presidential election was held on November 3. The winner has not yet been officially announced. According to the estimates of the leading American media, Biden won. Current President of the United States, Republican Donald Trump disagrees with these estimates.