OREANDA-NEWS   The leader of the United States Joe Biden signed an executive order aimed at curbing anticompetitive actions by tech giants in the world of work and many other areas.

It contains a number of initiatives aimed not only at tech companies, but also at health care, agriculture and banks, writes NV with reference to CNBC.

It is noted that the decree contains 72 actions and recommendations, and involves more than a dozen federal agencies.

In particular, the document refers to such initiatives:
-a call for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to "challenge previous bad mergers" that were allowed by previous administrations;
-encouraging the FCC to reinstate the "net neutrality" rules that were lifted under the Trump administration;
-a call for the FTC to ban restrictions on the licensing of professions;
-a requesting the Communications Commission to prohibit exclusive deals between landlords and broadband Internet providers.

The decree also contains a number of initiatives in the field of health care, and the initiative for the creation of the White House Competition Council.