OREANDA-NEWS British Prime Minister Theresa May's aides are secretly preparing an action plan in case the United Kingdom holds early parliamentary elections in November. This is with reference to its own sources reported on Sunday the Sunday times. She made a surprise announcement today calling for early elections.

The publication notes that such a scenario is quite possible in case of failure of negotiations between London and Brussels on the terms of Brexit. Earlier this week, May described the current situation as a deadlock, as the EU refuses to accept the plan submitted by the May government in July. Dissatisfaction with the policy of May and her government is growing within the country-both from the labour opposition and the most ardent eurosceptics of the ruling conservative party.

A new round of political debate in the British Parliament followed the failure of the recent negotiations with the European Union on brexit, which took place in Austria on 20 September.

May's opponents in the ranks of the tories intend to present an alternative to her plan next week, which will further weaken the position of the head of government on the eve of the annual party conference of conservatives beginning on September 30. Another split is planned in May's office, where there is no common position on immigration issues. However, May sees in early elections a good way to enlist public support for a new plan to exit the European Union.

The publication reports that May is ready to voluntarily resign in the summer of 2019, in order to preserve the post of Prime Minister for the coming months and avoid a vote of confidence, which is ready to initiate part of the deputies-tories.

Official negotiations between London and Brussels on the conditions under which the UK will leave the EU began on 19 June 2017. The year before, opponents of European integration won a referendum on this issue in the United Kingdom with a result of 51.9%. Returning to the UK after the extraordinary EU summit in Salzburg, may made a statement on Friday, which stated that now the negotiations, which were planned to be completed in November, are at an impasse.

Brexit itself will be held on March 29, 2019, then, according to the plan, there should come a transition period that will last until December 31, 2020.