OREANDA-NEWS  The PACE demands to release the Ukrainian military detained after the provocation in the Kerch Strait are illogical. This statement was made by the Chairman of the Committee of the regional Parliament on interethnic relations Yuri Gempel.

On the eve of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted a resolution calling on Moscow "to immediately release the Ukrainian military and provide them with medical care and the necessary legal and/or consular assistance in accordance with the current provisions of international humanitarian law — in particular, the Geneva conventions."

"Any citizen who violates the borders of the Russian Federation, of course, must answer the law. There is a consequence, the judgment will be made. Russia today operates exclusively in accordance with the requirements of international and national legislation", — told Gempel.

According to this information, the West has already become the norm to be prejudiced against Russia's actions, without delving into the essence of things.

"In order to assess the situation or at least approach objectively to these issues, it is necessary, of course, to come to the Crimea and ask what they say here. Come, look, the Crimea is open to all", — added gempel.

On the morning of 25 November, the ships of naval forces of Ukraine "Berdyansk", "Nikopol" and "Yana Kapu" violated the state border of Russia for several hours performing dangerous maneuvers, ignoring the legitimate demands of the Russian authorities.

This happened in the Kerch Strait, which belongs to the waters of the Sea of Azov and connects it with the Black (hence the name of a possible package of sanctions).

Violators were detained, 24 military, including the staff of SBU directing operation appeared in custody.

After that, Kiev accused Moscow of aggression.