OREANDA-NEWS. The incumbent President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, announced an “unprecedented” number of election violations. He intends to dispute the results in court. At the same time, Dodon congratulated his opponent Maia Sandu on her victory.

The second round of the presidential election in Moldova took place on November 15. After processing 100 % of the protocols, Dodon gains 42.25 % of votes, and Sandu 57.75 %. The turnout was 52.78 %.

“The preliminary results showed that Maia Sandu won. I congratulate her on her preliminary victory, but the point in the electoral process will be set when all reports of violations are verified,” Dodon said at a briefing. The politician stated that his headquarters recorded an “unprecedented” number of violations. “I promise my supporters that I will not give in. We are obliged to protect the interests of our citizens to use all legal methods to challenge the results of the elections: appeal to the Central Election Commission, to the court, to the Appeals Chamber and to the Constitutional Court,” Dodon explained.