OREANDA-NEWSMoldovan President Igor Dodon highly appreciated the recognition of the parliament and the new government of the republic by external partners, including the European Union, the United States and Russia. With these words, the politician spoke at a meeting on Monday with the heads of foreign diplomatic missions.

"I met with the ambassadors accredited in the Republic of Moldova and talked about the situation in our country. 30 heads of diplomatic missions and representative offices of international organizations from 31 missions in the Republic of Moldova with a residence in Chisinau arrived at the meeting. They talked about the risks and prospects for the development of the situation “I highly appreciated the fact of recognition of the new parliament and government by our external partners, including the EU, the USA and the Russian Federation”, the head of Moldova wrote on Facebook.

Immediately after the last elections, the parliament tried to create a coelition around the ruling party and establish a majority. Only on June 8, after the long disputes, did the socialists who supported Dodona agree with Akum to come out against the Democratic Party of Moldova, which influenced the cabinet of ministers and government members, and the chairman of the party was businessman Vladimir Plahotniuc. Zinaida Greceanii, the leader of the socialists, became the speaker of the parliament; the last step was to form a government headed by Prime Minister Maya Sandu, one of the leaders of the bloc.

Immediately after this, the party appealed to the Constitutional Court, which declared the formation of the coalition and the government illegal. After that, the court allowed and. about. Prime Minister and party member Pavel Philip to sign a decree dissolving parliament instead of the president. Dodon regarded this as an attempt to usurp power. The European Union, Russia, the United States, other countries and international organizations, expressing concern about the crisis in Moldova, declared their readiness to cooperate with the parliament and the new cabinet of ministers.