OREANDA-NEWS. After the processing of 99.97 % of ballots of the presidential election in Poland, incumbent President Andrzej Duda gains 51.21 % of the vote; candidate from the opposition Civic Coalition, Rafal Trzaskowski, receives 48.79 %. This was reported by the head of the National Electoral Commission, Sylvester Marciniak. The turnout was 68.12 %.

The victory of Duda with a minimum margin – 51 % versus 49 % – was also shown by exit polls. Before that, surveys’ results evidenced that the main rivals had approximately equal chances.

The presidential elections in Poland were held in two rounds. In the first round held on June 28, Duda received 43.5 % of the vote, Trzaskowski – 30.46 %.

Duda has been a head of state since August 2015. During the election in May of that year, he defeated the then president, Bronislaw Komarowski.