OREANDA-NEWS. The Moscow Magistrate's Court, where on Friday, February 5, the trial of the well-known opposition leader Alexei Navalny on a criminal case of libel resumed, has strengthened security measures. On the territory of the Babushkinsky court, reinforced police squads are on duty, there are several paddy wagons. The situation in the court and on it's territory is still calm, there are no detentions, according to Russian media.

According to the prosecution, on June 2, Navalny posted on Twitter and Telegram a video of the «RT TV channel» calling on Russians to accept amendments to the Constitution and accompanied it with a comment containing deliberately false information discrediting the honor and dignity of veteran Ignat Artemenko.

During the interrogation of the 95-year-old victim, he suddenly became ill. The court attracted as a witness a neighbor of the veteran. Navalny several times tried to find out, how rich the pensioner lives, but she evaded the answer. The 95-year-old woman asked Navalny not to offend honored people. In response, he promised to raise the pension of all veterans.