OREANDA-NEWS The Mayor Sergei Sobyanin publicly announced his victory in the election of the Mayor of Moscow 2018. His publishing on the page is addressed of the election headquarters.

"Thanks for the support, friends! This is our common victory," — he wrote.

According to the exit polls, voiced earlier, Sergei Sobyanin gaining 74% of the vote with a turnout of 28%. However, the Central Election Commission has so far managed to process less than 100% of the votes.

According to 57 percent of ballots, Sobyanin gaining 67,98%. Second place goes to the candidate of the Communist party Vadim Kumin: according to the CEC he has 11.39% of the vote. Then are  Ilya Sviridov— 8.83%, Mikhail Degtyarev — 7.11%, Mikhail Balakin— 2.28%.
Mikhail Balakin is the representative  of "Union of citizens", Ilya Sviridov is from "Fair Russia", Mikhail Degtyarev represents LDPR.

According to the Moscow City Election Committee, the turnout in the elections of the Mayor of the Russian capital was 31,24%. In 2013, during the last election of the Mayor, the turnout was 32.1%. Sobyanin received 51.37% of the vote In 2013, in second place was the opposition leader Alexei Navalny with a result of 27.24% of the vote.

In August, the candidate of the Communist party Vadim Kumin filed a lawsuit in the Moscow city court, which demanded to remove Sobyanin from the election. The reason is  "a huge number of violations committed by the mayor's team, especially in the information sphere." In particular, he pointed out that Sobyanin's mentioning in mass media, according to him, "is not less than ten times higher". However, the court refused to satisfy the candidate's claim. The final decision was made on 7 September by the Supreme court. The appeal against the court's decision was rejected.

According to the company "Medialogia", during the election campaign from June 1 to September 1 Sobyanin was mentioned in the Federal and Moscow media twice as often as other candidates for the post of Moscow Mayor. His name appeared in the media 45,377 times. While, other four candidates Vadim Kumin – the representative of Communist party, Ilya Sviridov , Mikhail Balakin and Mikhail Degtyarev were mentioned a total of 20,539 times.