OREANDA-NEWS. Estonian Prime Minister Kaya Kallas said at the NATO summit in Brussels on Monday that Russia remains the biggest threat to NATO.

“Collective defense is a critical NATO mission, and NATO needs to adapt to an increasingly complex security environment to ensure it. It is in our interest to reaffirm the unity of the alliance and ensure a common understanding by allies of the threats facing NATO. Russia continues to be the greatest threat to NATO, and the alliance must continue to strengthen its position of deterrence and defense, and this will require both resources and new solutions, "the press service of the Estonian government quotes Callas.

As part of the summit, Callas will meet with the prime ministers of Great Britain and Iceland. She will also take part in a public debate with the Prime Minister of Canada.

Recently, in the West, there have been frequent statements about the "Russian threat." The Russian Federation has repeatedly replied to this that the Russian Federation is not going to attack anyone, and statements about "Russian aggression" are used as an excuse to deploy more NATO military equipment near Russian borders. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Russian threat is "an invention of those who want to profit from their role as a vanguard in the fight against Russia, to receive some bonuses and preferences for this."