OREANDA-NEWSThe European Commission (EC) believes that it did not violate the promise not to revise the agreement on the conditions for Britain to secede from the European Union, which was agreed by the leaders of 27 EU countries and British Prime Minister Theresa May on November 25, 2018. This was announced on Wednesday at a press conference in Brussels by EC representative Mina Andreeva, responding to relevant comments from foreign journalists.

"We made the explanations, but did not change it. The tasks of the EU remained the same, and we always respected them. I do not see any contradictions here", said the EC representative, answering journalists' questions about whether the text of the agreement agreed on November 25 Theresa May, with the text of the transaction, which was agreed with the current British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in October 2019.

Andreeva once again stated that the agreement was not subject to revision, which caused laughter from journalists who quoted the same words by representatives of the EC and EU leaders, said many times during the year. According to media representatives, the head of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, "dances to the tune of Boris Johnson".