OREANDA-NEWS  The escalation in the JFO zone in Donbass, which has been observed in recent days, most likely indicates that the illegal armed formations want to "take revenge" on the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the alleged attack on the stronghold of the 4th brigade of the RF Armed Forces. This was announced by a military expert, Ukrainian journalist Yuri Butusov.

He wrote on his social media page: “Today, there is a noticeable escalation at the front - as of 5 pm, Russian troops carried out 17 attacks with the help of howitzers, mortars, and small arms. The day is not over yet, the hostilities can be continued ".

Butusov recalled that on June 11, at the strongpoint of the 4th brigade of the RF Armed Forces in Donbas, five mercenaries were found shot dead. In response, the command of the illegal armed groups declared that they were killed by the Ukrainian military and promised to "take revenge". He stressed: "The increase in shelling of Russian troops may also be a sign of preparation of local offensive actions against one of the forward Ukrainian strongholds".