OREANDA-NEWS. The ministers of foreign affairs, health and economics of Germany condemned manifestants protesting against quarantine restrictions. Over the weekend, demonstrators held several rallies in Berlin and tried to force through to the Reichstag.

Health Minister Jens Spahn spoke of the inadmissibility of insults in the dialogue between the authorities and citizens, stressing that the majority of the population rallied against the background of the threat. “We respect each other and will continue to take care of each other,” he wrote on Twitter, noting that the protesters represent a noisy but small group.

Over the weekend, Spahn went to opponents of government measures to combat COVID-19, but in response to a call for dialogue, the protesters met the minister with spitting and insults. “Anyone who offends democratically elected politicians violates the German Constitution,” Economy Minister Peter Altmaier said on August 31. “Those who are demonstrating in the name of freedom should give others the freedom to explain,” Foreign Minister Heiko Maas wrote on Twitter, commenting on the episode with Spahn.