OREANDA-NEWS. The incident with Russian oppositionist Aleksey Navalny was beneficial to the American gas lobbyists, the deputy of the Berlin House of Representatives from the party Alternative for Germany, Gunnar Lindemann, said.

“The question is how stupid do journalists think the Kremlin is? It literally smells like a staging by transatlantic and American gas lobbyists. […] They want to sell American gas to Germany for 30 percent more expensive and prevent Russian gas supplies,” the politician wrote on Facebook. According to Lindemann, the situation around Navalny is “a three-act drama” in which the costs of transportation from Omsk and further treatment in Germany are covered by “unidentified friends,” the Russian government denies a joint investigation of the incident, and then Moscow is blamed for the incident to put forward a demand to stop the construction of the gas pipeline Nord Stream 2. “If Navalny was really poisoned, then only the United States had a plausible motive for this,” Lindemann resumed.