OREANDA-NEWS. With the withdrawal from multilateral agreements, the United States has completely lost its role of a guarantor of international order. This was stated by Detlef Dzembritzky, a head of German Union in the United Nations.

“The role of the United States as a model example and guarantor of international order is now completely lost, as they increasingly reject multilateral agreements and parts of the UN system,” the politician said in an interview with the German media project Faces of the World, adding that “in the UN they can only wait for November 3 and hope that Donald Trump will not be re-elected President of the United States.”

Dzembritzky believes that nowadays, “the United States, the Middle and Central East, including Iran, Yemen, Syria and Libya, as well as climate change,” are forming the most dangerous seats of conflicts. The situation has exacerbated amid the coronavirus pandemic, while “Brazil and the United States are ruled by populists who… put the health of people at risk and keep silent about the disease,” Dzembritzky noted.