OREANDA-NEWS. A member of the Foreign Policy Committee of the Bundestag from the «Union-90»/«Green» faction, Jurgen Trittin, called for the arrest of the assets of Russian oligarchs in Europe. According to the politician, it simply does not make sense to impose sanctions against the entire country.

Trittin noted, that information about corruption among the highest ranks of Russia should not be ignored. This is especially relate for those who withdraw a significant part of their illegal money to European countries.

The politician also clarified that most of the sanctions should not apply to ordinary citizens of Russia. According to him, they have already suffered from crimes by the elite. Trittin noted that until recently, Europe did not pay much attention to the essence of the investigations against the Russian leadership conducted by the opposition politician Alexei Navalny, reports Deutsche Welle.

The opposition leader returned from Germany to Russia on January 17. He was detained at passport control at the airport. He can replace the suspended sentence in the case of «Yves Rocher» with a real one. On January 18, a court session was held in the assembly hall of the police station in Khimki, where Navalny was arrested for 30 days.