OREANDA-NEWS. In Bulgaria, anti-government protests have been continuing already for six days.

Correspondent of TASS news agency reported that in Sofia and other regional centers of the country, the actions are peaceful. Police cordons are standing near administrative buildings in the Bulgarian capital, while protesters chant the slogans “Mafia!” and “Resignation!”, moving from the government building to the national parliament and backward. Traffic in the central part of Sofia is blocked. The action is expected to end around midnight. There are no facts of public order disturbance.

The sociological agency Alpha Research presented the results of a survey, its experts asked the citizens about what may the protest actions lead to. 60.5 % of respondents said that the rallies will lead to a change in the political system. 49.6 % suggested that they may cause early elections, 47.2 % – resignation of the government. 45.6 % – resignation of the chief prosecutor. Only about 10 % of the Bulgarians consider that the protests will not lead to anything.