OREANDA-NEWS. Permanent Representative of Crimea under the President of the Russian Federation, Deputy Prime Minister of the republic's government Georgy Muradov called the sanctions barriers around the Russian Crimea "complete stupidity and stupidity". According to him, it is very easy to get around any restrictions.

Muradov in an interview with RIA Novosti said: "It is elementary to bypass all this, you just have to want to. It is always easy to find a way out of such situations. Any business, like water or sand, will always slip through your fingers. If in Ukraine they believe that they will be able to create sanctions barriers or the blockade around the Russian Crimea, this is complete stupidity and stupidity. "

According to the deputy prime minister of the republic's government, in addition to business, there are also a number of states that are interested in opening their representative offices in Crimea, including in the form of an honorary consulate.

Muradov noted that he will not disclose which states they are, as, in his words, "in the neighboring state they will perceive it with hysteria, as was the case with the Chinese delegation, whose visit to Ukraine gave rise to unacceptable and unjustified hysteria."

He added that various Chinese delegations have visited Crimea several times and are already working in the region.

Muradov said that a club of friends of the Crimea has been opened in China, that Crimean businessmen are productively participating in Chinese economic forums. Therefore, according to him, "It is time for Ukraine to stop hysteria about our cooperation. They cannot stop it."